Black culottes

20. July 2016

I’ve always loved pieces of clothing that were somehow different. Not at all extravagant, but sophisticated thanks to it‘s special cut.

One piece that defines this category is a denim sort of wrap skirt I had when I was in my early teens. Well, it was an actual skirt just from a certain perspective. From the back, you could see me wearing a regular denim shorts. Girlish from the front, sporty from the back at the same time. I recall I wore this piece until I literally grew up so it didn’t fit me anymore!

I genuinely enjoy these certain kinds of sophistications. At first, it teases you, then stops you for a while until you scan and understand the piece. These little explorations elevate the piece and – if worn appropriately, even inspire the observer. I guess this is just my bias, I tend to overthink even the little details. 🙂

Nevertheless, we can agree that catching the attention while not trying is always a good idea, right?

Recently, I’ve massively cleaned up my closet. I’m still trying to get rid of almost one third of my wardrobe. To be honest, I can’t even understand how could I wore some of the pieces. In fact, for the last couple of years, closet was not my priority item. I guess this was one of the moments you realize your personal evolution. And shit hit the fan.


I had these loose trousers on the ,,toss” list (as well as app 40 other pieces…). Mid-waisted, long enough to hit the ground and at first sight, you couldn’t tell if it was a maxi skirt or trousers. Same pattern. I can’t remember when I actually got them. They definitely didn’t have the 70’s vibe, nor 16′.

With any effort, by random scroll down the pinterest, I took the scissors and cut the 20 cm off.

Et voilà.

Inspired by the current rise of cullotes, why not to recycle them?

For the first alternative, I went all-black for the summer evening with off the shoulder top. Accessories and vibrant lipstick put it all together. At first sight, I could probably tell I’m wearing jumpsuit.






The second alternative is very relaxed, normcore-kind of outfit with a sporty twist. I opted for white sneakers and denim shirt for cover-up. I guess some white tee would be even better for this choice.





Photos by Kristina Miklosova.



Quarter life adventure

1. July 2016

… or crisis?

God bless those, who are at the early age nearly 100% sure about their life goals/missons/breadwinning endeavours! … and are still stuck with them.

For the rest of us, it’s sometimes about experimenting, conscious trial-errors or pre-mastered ability to ask the right questions. But this should be a natural part of personal evolution – which, I guess, should never stop.

Add the social-media phenomenon, your digital-self and voilà, you’re overwhelmed, faced with an amount of possible ,,garanteed“ success-kind-of-career tips, profiles and personalities. At least subtle, unconscious influence is inevitable.

This huge flow of the unfiltered content has also another power – it can inspire us in a great way.

I’m currently getting back to my creative roots – in every aspect of life, seeking and taking paths that were untaken.

Do you have your personal ,,striving“ strategy in this age of information overflow? I would love to hear your tips and insights!

Brussels, Politics

Go work for institutions

14. June 2016

After several years of working within political marketing in Slovakia, I wanted to experience the different market and take a different aproach in the ,,industry“.

At one point, the natural destination for everyone from Europe with a politics background is Brussels. It’s a great experience and a must to understand the whole system, hands-on, properly.

However, after some time working in the Eurobubble, the more I knew about it, the less interested in the actual policy environment I was.

Given the scope of the institutional processes, legislation procedures, number of stakeholders and the nature of bureaucracy, one can quickly find the system pretty overwhelming, ineffective and limited. I was frustrated.

The final nail on the head was hit during my conversation with a serial entrepreneur from the Benelux area as we were having a friendly interview-kind-of conversation. At one point, when when we’re discussing money, he said:

,,If you want to earn a huge salary, then go work for the institutions.“

At the moment, I not only felt the unfairness, I reassured myself and my decision.

This Western-European paradigm, when choosing to be bureaucrat is the safest and most-effective way on how to be secured in life is clearly insane. almost anyone could be trained to work within the machinery. It’s not only the easiest way, it’s pretty effective and rational one – why strive with entrepreneurship, when you can have a much more than a decent level of life at a lower risk?

I decided I don’t want to be a part of this market deformation, neither think-tanks, non-profits or lobbyists.

Btw, if you have the aspiration to change things, and don’t want to be a part of ,,EU policy pundits“, go for parliament at national level, stand for the people that voted for you. When aiming higher, then try to compete for the executive positions within the EU Commission.

And, most importantly, try to experience the agenda you want to advocate from the bottom up.

What’s your experience? Have you ever been involved in some kind of politics efforts?


Picture: ,,Berlaymonster” sketched by me ;D


The ONE Thing

9. June 2016

I’ve recently read one of the best self-management books I’ve encountered up until today. The ONE Thing by Gary Keller was so worth it!  Personally, I’m not a fan of any kind of motivational-success books. Though I happen to have read the real classics during my high school (Carnegie, Covey… ).

They certainly have some kind of value and at least, they introduce you to the basics of psychology, relationships or business strategy.

The critical aspect when reading any kind of book is the timing.

Although the concepts were popping up in my head once specific situations arose in my life, there’s no better feeling than to experience the value of content when the mindset is mature enough. Therefore, I’m sometimes re-reading the best ones.

When reading The ONE Thing, the concept wasn’t exactly that new. And in many aspects, one does the practises intuitively.

It’s highly readable book, with great and simple explanations. You don’t fell like wasting your time reading another Ariely-study-kind of-content.

Despite that the book is already 3 years old, I think it’s perfectly accurate for my generation or anyone struggling to concentrate and get the work done in the age of social media and information overflow.

Easily said than done. With technology changes being present literally everyday, the fear of missing out often successfuly beats our ability to focus. There’s so much to read, so much I have to know, so many people to to follow… if I want to survive!

Interruptions that can lead you astray from your goals can be counted every few minutes.

The ONE thing concept stimulates the mindset and accentuates that in the specific moment, you have to do only one thing that really matters in order to build your skills, go for the mastery – and – in the end, achieve the extraordinary results.

I consider the greatest value in the author’s ability to come with a specific methodology and practices that can lead you to the very specific answers. So you can apply the know-how immediately. This aspect is very rare and therefore many publications are not that useful.

Author emphasizes the importance of questions. According to that, prudent question is one half of the wisdom. So, when searching for a crucial answer, one must ask the focusing question. It’s all coming down for this question:

What’s the most important one thing I can do such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

The whole book is explaining and putting the main question in the context of your main purpose, priority and productivity to execute.

It encourages to think big about your goals, but when achieveing them, one must starth with the one single step doing the one thing.

Comparing this process to the domino effect of multiplying energy, the other part is to keep the actions flowing. This problem is discussed with personal accountability, ability to build the right habits and the time management in work, health and family area. To lead fulfillig life with a purpose by doing only things that really matter.

I highly recommend reading this book – it took me just a few reading sessions over the weekend!




3. March 2016

New year, new habits. I decided to set up a new playlist on Spotify dedicated to 2016 and music that complements moments of it. Keeping it updated all year long.

Feel free to ride along!

Art, Brussels


25. October 2015
FullSizeRender 7

V júni som v Bruseli len pár dní pred koncom výstavy stihla zhliadnuť dielo Marca Chagalla. Aj keď som zámerne prišla tesne pred obedom, vystáť som si musela 30-minútový rad a ďalších 45 minút čakať na samotný vstup na expozíciu (ideálna príležitosť na waflu, všakže).

Podzemné priestory Royal Museums of Fine Arts ukrývali desiatky umeleckých diel, ktoré dopĺňalo zhruba 30 zaujímavých sprievodných  audiokomentárov, vizuálov, tematických hudobných podmazov a rôznych popisov.

Na rozdiel od múzeí sú pre mňa galérie úplne iným zážitkom. Na výtvarnom umení ma najviac fascinuje to, ako rôzne môže na ľudí pôsobiť. Každý si v ňom ne/nájde to svoje. O to zaujímavejšie sú následné diskusie a analýzy.

O Chagallovi som si zámerne vopred nič nenaštudovala. O to väčší bol zážitok.

Už prvé dielo ma zaujalo natoľko, že som pri ňom strávila min. 10 minút. Malý, štvorcový rozmer, dielo namaľované na podklade podobnej lepenke. Na prvý pohľad nemalo ďaleko od prvých ťahov vášho trojročného potomka. Bolo variabilné farbami i motívmi a skrýva v sebe niekoľko otázok:


FullSizeRender 3


Následovali diela z obdobia autorovho rozbehu. Zachytili jeho krátke obdobie pôsobenia v Paríži. V kaviarňach sa stretával s hlavnými hráčmi vtedajšej umeleckej scény, avantgardnými umelcami a intelektuálmi ako Apollinaire, Max Jacob, či Fernand Léger. Tvorivá atmosféra La Ruche, Paríža bola v absolútnom kontraste s  uzavretosťou židovskej komunity vo Vitebsku. Vidno, ako experimentuje s kubistickými prvkami a súčasne sa nevzdáva výrazných, expresionistických farieb.

FullSizeRender 4


FullSizeRender 6

To najlepšie na Chagallovi je, že vás svojim dielom núti rozmýšľať a všímať si všetky zobrazené objekty. Môj zrak zakaždým nesystematicky študoval jednotlivé objekty. Surrealistickými kompozíciami konfrontuje zaužívané premisy a náš každodenný život ako taký. Keď nejde o priame zobrazenie (napr. stolička naopak, vzpieranie sa gravitácií…), sú to výrazné detaily či objekty v inej časti diela, čo získajú vašu pozornosť. Predovšetkým vzorované obrusy či kvety, ktoré hýrili komplementárnymi farbami k ústrednému objektu a celkovo narúšali farebnú schému diela. Kontrasty sú tak masívne, až sú harmonické. Pochvíli zistíte, že je to akýsi Chagallov pattern.

FullSizeRender 5

The Yellow Room


Chronologicky usporiadaná expozícia odráža vnútorné poryvy, ale aj odrazy doby a geografickej polohy, kde autor pôsobil. Mnoho obrazov zachytáva jeho domov- bieloruský Vitebsk. Medzi časté vyobrazenia patrili aj motívy židovskej tematiky. Odkaz k jeho židovskému pôvodu.

FullSizeRender 8

V porovnaní s ostatnými obdobiami jeho života bolo z parížskej etapy cítiť akúsi ľahkosť, experimentovanie, odvahu prepájať rôzne koncepty.

FullSizeRender 9

FullSizeRender 10

Red Nude


Keď som pristúpila k tomuto obrazu, preletel mnou menší blesk. Preniesla som sa v čase…

Snímka obrazovky 2015-10-25 o 12.42.20

Zhruba 5-ročná Liv sedí u babky na zemi v izbe na poschodí. Izba úložného charakteru, kde sa systematicky ukladal prebytočný stuff. Otváram spodné dvierka police z obývacej steny ,,toledo”. Po jednej vyťahujem naukladané knihy, z ktorých si čítala moja mama ako dieťa. Knihy boli vtedy staré aj 30-40 rokov, doteraz si vybavujem vôňu starého prachu. Okrem zlatej či striebornej knihy Dobšinského rozprávok, povestí a rôznej poézie v istom momente naďabím na knihy s ornamentami. Ilustrované rozprávky, chlapček v modrých kraťasoch, dievčatko v bodkovaných šatách s volánikmi. Kohút sem-kvetinka tam. Tie zvieracie hlavy. Rusko. Komunisti. Inými slovami, propaganda aj v knihách pre deti. Aurora do kolísky.

Chagallbol pôvodom Rus. Motívy, aj keď štylizované, sa po jeho nechcenom návrate na rodnú hrudu prejavujú naplno. Ako je zvykom v životoch umelcov, vojna prekazila jeho pôsobenie v Paríži.

Na druhej strane, zobral si svoju lásku Bellu, ktorú vo svojom diele hojne vyobrazuje. Celoživotná láska a inšpirácia. Bola taktiež jeho kritikom, údajne bez jej názoru nedokončil obraz – pri otázkach pridať-nepridať ornament alebo iné detaily, vždy povedala svoje odporúčanie.

FullSizeRender 7

The Promende – Chagall a Bella


FullSizeRender 11

The Birthday – see the traditional ornaments on the wall, table and bed

V Chagallovych dielach sa opakovali rôzne objekty či symboly. Trebárs vznášajúce sa ,,Nad Vitebskom”. Často vyobrazoval tuláka:

Snímka obrazovky 2015-10-25 o 12.59.14


FullSizeRender 17


FullSizeRender 16

Chagallove zobrazenie Vitebsku mi neraz pripomínalo diela českého ilustrátora Josefa Lady – vďaka identickej farebnej škále diel a konceptu zasneženej dediny.

FullSizeRender 13

Ďalším motívom bola kytica kvetov. krásne rozkvitnutú ju umiestnil aj tam, kde by ste to najmenej čakali. Údajne nemal rád živé kvety, lebo tie zvädnú. Radšej ich maľoval, pretože rácio videl len v tom, že budú rozkvitnuté permanentne. Venoval im nejeden obraz. Mne sa najviac páčil tento:

FullSizeRender 15

Alebo zátišie s kyticou a menorou.

FullSizeRender 14


Časť expozície bola venovaná dielam, ktoré Chagall vytvoril pre Židovské divadlo v Moskve. Od náčrtov cez kostýmy až po veľkoplošné maľby. Bolo zaujímavé vidieť proces tvorby, štúdie od hrubých skíc až po hotové dielo. Všimnite si náčrt nižšie s mriežkou.



Chagall ilustroval detské knihy – túto bájku o líške a hrozne určite poznáte. Z ilustrácií priam sršal povestný ruský charakter.

FullSizeRender 18



Ďalší opakujúci sa motív hodín – v tomto diele sa stali centrálnym objektom.

FullSizeRender 19


S postupom času a vypuknutím 1. a 2. svetovej vojny sa jeho diela stávali čoraz viac dramatické – motívmi aj farbami.

Hravé motívy vystriedala ťažoba, chlad a smútok z vojny, čo sa prejavilo aj na farebnej škále obrazov. Navyše, tvorba z tohto obdobia je poznačená aj stratou jeho životnej lásky, Belly.  Aj po jej smrti ju vo svojich dielach vyobrazoval.


FullSizeRender 22

Okrem spomínaných symbolov môžete na Chagallovych obrazoch vidieť huslistu. Inšpirácia prichádza z domu, jeho strýko hral na husliach. Stal sa ústrednou postavou nejedného diela.

IMG_3530 2

Chagallova druhá manželka, Vava.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-10-25 o 23.05.23

Obrazy nabúdajú na dramatickosti. Na umeleckom pobyte v Mexiku sa inšpiroval tunajšími smermi a experimentuje so zvieratami (prevažne býk), ktoré kombinuje s ľuďmi, využíva agresívnejšie farby.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-10-25 o 23.05.10


FullSizeRender 20

FullSizeRender 24

FullSizeRender 21

Pri odchode mi napadlo, či aj o sto rokov budú naši následníci študovať podobné artefakty z tejto doby. Bodaj by plátno neprestávalo byť relevantným médiom. A vnútorné prežívanie súkromným.


3 things to pack for Brussels (quick guide)

28. August 2015
Snímka obrazovky 2015-08-28 o 14.57.44

Whether you belong to the group of people, who are coming to Brussels for work or you’re planning a trip to this kingdom of beers and waffles, don’t forget to take into account few realities. Those might be the useful ones for those, who are visiting for the first time. Probably the most discussed issue is weather.

Prepare to pack the clothes about a degree from the actual date. Climate has changed over time and days in Belgium could be pretty hot. However, the most significant aspect of the weather here for me is it’s rapid change and instability. It can be 12 degrees, windy and rainy in the summer one day and you wake up to the clear, shiny skies next morning (with a proper headache of course). This can happen multiple times during the day, even within few hours.

I’m giving you few tips from my personal observation, which appear to be practical in the meantime.

1. Comfortable shoes

Because of it’s uneven relief, you can easily find yourself ,,hiking” the old streets of Brussels. The city’s landscape differs from the neighborhood to another, so be prepared and choose the proper footwear. Going for a business meeting in your brand new business attire?  You better pack those shiny stilettos to your bag. One aspect is, that’s a nightmare to walk on stone pavement (up the hill). On the other hand, the damage you’ve done to your beloved pumps will make you sad.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-08-30 o 21.40.17

2. Cover-ups and scarf

From a fashion point of view, the onion strategy of dressing has it’s point here. It can happen that you won’t put off your jacket most of the time during the day (Damn! I just wore the new dress and he didn’t captured!). During the winter, though the heating, there can be really cold even in the inside.  In that case, if you don’t want to be seen in the same outfit every day (doesn’t matter that you’re perfectly combined and accesorized head to toe). Better opt for a different cover-ups and accessories. Sacrifice few other items.

I’ve put together this inspirational board.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-08-28 o 14.57.44

3. Uber account

As from September, Uber will be officially legal in Belgium. Local taxis are pretty expensive. You don’t need to end up robbed by regular taxis from the the airport or train station. Set up your Uber account – this will help especially when you don’t want to miss that after-conference network drinks in the evening.




+ your business cards

Brussels has an extremely – networking – opened atmosphere. It can happen, our usual estimated amount of cards won’t be enough. Pack a bunch of some more than usual.

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Why should politicians use Periscope (asap)

21. June 2015


No matter if you’re politician at national or EU level, political party manager or representative of an institution – if you wanna be successful, you’d better do some awesome stuff on your social media handles.

When running a campaign or maintaining a permanent one in between, the way you communicate will affect your audience and the results will show up in polls.

There’s no doubt that campaigns are going digital – demanding gradually bigger budgets.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-06-20 o 20.15.19

Periscope – an up & coming live-streaming social media app is a cheap, easy-to-use tool, which enables you to broadcast anything from anywhere. All you need is your smartphone and an internet connection.

One simple fact to realize is that video is already a presence of advertising and soon, almost 75% of internet traffic will be video.

3 reasons why politicians should use Periscope :

1. Being first

If you’re not sure, whether to enter new social media platform ( omg, new one!! We have FB, IG, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest…. isn’t it enough??), it’s better to be pragmatic. The thing about those unproven and emerging apps without a certain ( in best scenario – successful) future is that when you’re about to start using them immediately, they bring a much higher payoff in the future. In other words, it’s better to invest the resources from the very beginning – even if the platform won’t be successful. Your acquired audience in the case of big success will bring you the advantage among others subjects. If you start using it later, it’ll be much harder to gain those people – or it’ll be much more expensive ( future monetization once the numbers are big enough) than investment made at the beginning.


2. Widen audience

You want to spread the word among every group, right? New platform = new people. Especially those younger voters. Mitt Romney already admitted, that he’s “just another old guy trying to keep up with the stuff the kids are doing” when joining the service. No doubt there’s a need for typology and psychology – every platform is different and needs a tailored style and strategy of communication. 

3. Authenticity & Interaction

The way Periscope is different is because of authenticity + interaction at the same time. It’s much more personal than any other social media. And we know that huge viral stories are those, that are in some way more personal than others. Can you remember, when did you have regular discussion or dialogue with your voters? During the election campaign? Don’ t stay within your personal bubble and face the real world at least from time to time. When using Periscope, your followers can easily ask and comment on your session. Authentic feedback is valuable  asset for your future work.


Stay tuned if you wanna get inspired on how the Periscope can be used within politics.


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Periscope up to disrupt media

1. June 2015

If you haven’t heard of Periscope yet, well, you should definitely give it a try.

This app can literally bring you to the another parts of the world. I have never been as much excited of any other apps released constantly. It’s getting regular I realize I feel the privilege to live in this era, when the technology expands so rapidly. (…and-to be true- finding it really hard to strive at the same time.)

There’s a certain reason I like Periscope so much. This tool is a thing of what I’ve been unconsciously dreaming of for years since my childhood.

I remember spending my early years reading encyclopedias – I’ve never been a real fan of novels or fiction. I especially enjoyed those about the Earth, nature, space, geography – to get to know, how was the Earth created, how things work -and- most importantly- why. Settled in Central Europe and not having the opportunities to travel, I wanted to get familiar with new places and see, how does the world look like in Argentina, Mesopotamia or Russian tundra.

The internet made it easier when it comes to certain images and easy-accessible documentaries or videos on youtube. Problem with documentaries is that they’re all edited and therefore include peril of not seeing the reality of a place. (Praise the travel-bloggers.)  It’s good to see the lovely 2D images, but when you physically come to the same place, it has a certain esprit, mostly totally different from the original impression.

Google’s Street View is a perfect tool when it comes to orientation or when I need to realize the proportions of a certain areas.  For me, it’s just another interface of the traditional map.

From time to time, up until now, I’ve been searching for a certain- let’s call it -realities. To be exact, most recently I’ve been curious about what does it look like in Greenland. I wasn’t really interested in nature and stuff, but just in everyday life in Nuuk – how do the people, houses, shops and living environment get together.

I can continue with Middle East, Tierra del Fuego or Tasmania…

The thing with Periscope is, that it enables you – and the users all over the world to share their moments of living and interact with you at the same time.

At the first sight, it’s not a big deal to live-stream ( youtube- and another/custom live-streams do the same).

Curious about where can it goes, the simple fact that there’s always something going on within our lives and environment with having this kind of tool will shake up the media.

The fact that one can broadcast give’s you not only feeling of exploring the authentic place, but having the real interactive guide at the same time.

Acquired by Twitter, the next question is – what kind of content will Periscope users create and what industries are gonna be affected.

Sure the downsides have already emerged. Is Periscope disrupting the social media? For sure, new possibilities are being unlocked and I can’t wait for the new formats it’ll create.

I already took the opportunity and streamed my creative process. 🙂







9. May 2015
Into the sun

A bit of summer strikes Slovakia these days. At the point I was able to take a sunbath, I realized it’s already 2 months since I’ve visited Oostende. The only common denominator of these two situations was the amount of sunshine.

I have never been to the North sea before, so I really appreciated sunny weather forecast, which didn’t really change.The temperatures were more than pretty mild. At least 17 degrees and the trains were fully occupied. In about an hour I was comfortably brought forward to the seaside.

No matter the cloudless sky and a lot of sunshine – the air was so cold it was hard not to cry.

The chilly wind was so heavy I couldn’t make it right straight through the sand to touch the sea!

After observing seavaves and breathing in the precious sea scent, I went on little walk through the city and promenade. Oostende has about 40 000 inhabitants, which is approximately as big as my hometown. As an inland inhabitant, right from the central Europe – cities by the sea are truly different in it’s core. There’s certain esprit that every town has, because of it’s history and structure- which is shaped by the sea. The key factor I’ve never experienced as a part of day-to-day living – on the other hand great motivation. Hope I’ll make it one day!

See the throwback photos.


Into the sun

Into the sun (no filter)


Carnival in the streets. Alice in Wonderland style.

Carnival in the streets. Alice in Wonderland style.



Nothing better than fresh seafood

Nothing better than fresh seafood












Ready to fly

Ready to fly



Seagulls were so impertinent!

Seagulls were so impertinent!




Bicycles everywhere

Bicycles everywhere