It’s been a little more than a year since I moved out of Prague. 

My ‘relationship’ with Prague started back in 2010/2011 – a couple of trips for the college admissions and admin. I was so excited to go study over there and start anew. However, because I was already working in Bratislava for the last year at the time and had a gut feeling that I’m not entirely done with Slovakia – I eventually stayed and it was a really hard decision to make.

Little did I know the situation would be completely different in the next 6 months (but that’s another story). 

In the following years, I did a couple of trips for work and pleasure. However, being on trip is a different experience compared to day-to-day living. 

I’m glad I did it and experienced full-time living in Prague for a couple of months in 2017/2018.  

Slovak and Czech republic have common history, can understand each other and still, this move enabled me to better understand its culture, people and business.  It’s still much bigger country than Slovakia in size, population, industries and other factors. 

The quality of life in Prague is incredible – it’s full of wonderful parks, lovely places to see, rich history, best value-for-money restaurants- it has lovely beer culture and is quite family-friendly. What’s even better, in an hour or two you can find yourself in tranquil nature in the countryside. 

While I enjoyed my time over there, it was too much of a switch from pacing, top-notch London. When it comes to work, business and learning – London is a no-brainer.

I’m excited to come back and visit this lovely place again in November this year! In the meantime, I wanted to share quite a few moments that accumulated in my iPhone over the last 2 years. Have a look at my snapshotf from Prague and favourite places to visit.

Have you ever visited Prague? Did you enjoy it? Also, if you have any questions about Prague – feel free to write them in comments section and I’ll reply.  🙂

Folimanka - place to visit in Prague
Wonderful autumnal view over part Folimanka. I
Havlickovy sady- place to visit in Prague
Grebowka park
Windy autumnal walk 2017, somewhere in the radius of 30km.
Place to visit in Prague
Sunsets – no filter edition.
Narodni divadlo
IF Cafe - place to visit in Prague coffeeshop
IF Cafe
Riegrovy Sady - place to visit in Prague
Hot summer day in Riegrovy sady
Karlin Prague - places to visit
Picturesque Karlin
Prague places to visit Letna
Stalin chill out zone Letna
The most romantic place in Mala Strana
I adore colour combinations in subway – even though they’re full on communist vibe
This view again
I found my Gin haven
Sunset in Reigrovy sady
Wallenstein Gardens
Prague places to visit