I’ve always loved pieces of clothing that were somehow different. Not extravagant, rather sophisticated thanks to it‘s special cut.

One piece that defines this category is a denim – sort of – wrap skirt I had when I was in my early teens. Well, it was an actual skirt just from a certain perspective. From the back, you could see me wearing a regular denim shorts. Girlish on the front, sporty from the back at the same time. I recall that I wore this piece until I literally grew up so it didn’t fit me anymore!

I genuinely enjoy these certain kinds of sophistications. At first, it teases you, then stops you for a while until you eye-scan and consume the piece. These little explorations elevate the piece and – if worn appropriately, even inspire the observer. I guess this is just my bias, I tend to overthink even the little details. 🙂

Nevertheless, we can agree that catching the attention while not trying is always a good idea, right?

Recently, I’ve massively cleaned up my closet. I’m still trying to get rid of more than a third of my wardrobe. To be honest, I can’t even understand how could I wore some of the pieces. In fact, for the last couple of years, closet was not my priority item. I guess this was one of the moments you realize your personal evolution. And shit hit the fan.


I had these loose trousers on the ,,toss” list (as well as app 40 other pieces…). Mid-waisted, long enough to hit the ground and at first sight, you couldn’t tell if it was a maxi skirt or trousers. Same pattern. I can’t remember when or why I actually got them. They definitely didn’t have the 70’s vibe, nor 16′.

With any effort, by random scroll down the pinterest, I took the scissors and cut the 20 cm off.

Et voilà.

Inspired by the current rise of culottes, this looked like a perfect idea to recycle them – what do you think?

For the first alternative, I went all-black for the summer evening with off the shoulder top. Accessories and vibrant lipstick put it all together. At the first sight, you could probably tell I’m wearing jumpsuit.






The second alternative is very relaxed, normcore-kind of outfit with a sporty twist. I opted for white sneakers and denim shirt for cover-up. I guess some white tee would work even better for this choice.





Photos by Kristina Miklosova.