A perfect day trip from London… and a long checklist of places to see in Britain! I’m obsessed with ocean views (as you could’ve gotten from my posts from Portugal or Oostende…) and White Cliffs of Dover were just magnificent. 

If you’re in London and want to compensate the concrete jungle with fresh air and beautiful scenery, hop on a train at St. Pancras. Surprisingly, the journey to Dover takes only about an hour. A nice, ca 40 minute hike will provide often breathtaking scenery views.

I plan to visit one more time in autumn/winter as the place must have a slightly different vibe. I LOVE AUTUMN and a combination of UK + chilly wind + cliffs makes for an ultimate British period drama atmosphere. 

Talking about the atmosphere – a colour palette of the whole scenery and history of the place instantly brought up scenes from Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Dunkirk.

Enjoy my tiny gallery 🙂 

woman white dress walking nature
Ocean view

White Cliffs of Dover
Ocean cliffs
woman white dress Dover
white cliff
Port of Dover
woman white dress port nature view
Plain nature
woman white dress looking at cliffs of dover
Forest fruit
white cliffs nature
Feather on the ground
girl standing white dress cliffs nature
tourist map Dover