Sharing a couple of things that caught my attention and been proven inspiring + useful this month. 

Prisioners of geography by Tim Marshall (book)

Sitting (literally) at the bottom of my library, this book is one of the best I’ve came across in a long time. Extremely well written, easily digestible and, more importantly, super informative. I’m only on 39% because I often stop, google and read about topics I want to get more details on.

This book reminded me of how much I love geography and geopolitics. I’ve never been excellent at history – especially when it comes to the level of detail. Marshall is putting everything into perspective and tidying up my knowledge. I wish I could be able to read this during my Primary and High school – it’s definitely more effective than the lectures in school. If you’re a student, get your hands on this book asap!

Prisioners of geography

New episodes of Star Trek Discovery and The Orville

Available on Netflix

As a non-Star Wars person, I’ve always loved Star Trek. New episodes are worth seeing despite low ratings. 

…and if you enjoyed old Star Trek series and are up to some fun, Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville is a must-see. 

Evelina apple

Tasty, sour-ish apple from the heart of Europe. Great snack as I don’t tend to eat apples during spring-summer that often.

The Art of Process (podcast)

Brand new podcast discussing and unveiling what goes into art of creation. I’ve been deeply interested in this topic myself, 2019 being my focus year on how can I be more creative, producing more art and eventually – creating something valuable a market will be interested in. 

Ali Cha’aban (visual artist)

I’m naturally drawn to cultural references in any art form. There’s something about contrasting the old, traditional patterns and motives against modern world. While I don’t enjoy excessive nostalgia or living in the past, incorporating – and thus, reinventing cultural heritage through art is one of the best way how to 1. stay connected with your roots 2. communicate the legacy of one’s nation to the masses and, most importantly, next generations. As we reinvent ourselves on a personal level, why not to reinvent our culture via art, design, products?

I’m fascinated by historical Persian/Middle-Eastern aesthetics and inspired by young artists as Ali Cha’aban.

Ali Cha’aban and Rayan Nawawi’s Satellite Culture shoot.

Paralelna Polis Bratislava (place)

If you’re a fan of liberty, tech, decentralization, cryptocurrencies, biohacking or Singularity University, you’re cordially invited to visit this venue. A friend and cofounder Juraj Bednar was so kind to give me a tour and walked me through a number of projects this community is either already running or about to run. Check out their events here or stop by for a refreshment powered by biohacking principles. 

Winter (de)hydration

After a very unpleasant migraine and ruined skin, I reckoned one of the factors might be my lack of water intake. It’s far easier to get dehydrated in winter than in other months – it’s cold, it’s dark, you’re not boiling alive and probably gravitate more to little warm beverages such as coffee or tea. 

I force myself to drink more tap/mineral water and because I love sour stuff, it’s not unusual I squeeze some lemon in there quite too often. 

Hydration on all fronts! I’m allergic to dust – heating season is my enemy.

Have you come across something interesting this month? Please do share your tips in comment! I’m interested in your tips. 🙂