Home is where…. your art supplies are. There are days when my dream of having a bright atelier at my home by the ocean hits today’s reality. No permanent home, no atelier and no beach so far. Before I get my ‘plan’ sorted, one needs to work with what’s available and ready to use. Meet my ‘MVP atelier’. A bunch of boxes topped with art supplies spread of choice. 

My ‘MVP atelier’

While I strongly believe high-quality tools (quality brushes, colors, paper, a calm dedicated space…) have a huge impact on the ‘enjoyability’ of the process and the quality of outcome, it’s almost never the case. There will never be ideal circumstances. No matter the type of creative endeavor. It actually calmed me down tremendously when a musician friend of mine told me how he was composing his songs almost exclusively in-between his work in theatre or other projects…

Cozy nook & comfy clothes

Contrary to a casual picking up of books, in the last two months, I’ve gravitated towards more visual and audio digging into philosophical and practical aspects of art production.

As I’ve mentioned in my January post, The art of process podcast has been a tremendous resource of conversations with musicians, screenwriters, filmmakers, illustrators… Strongly recommended.

Herewith attached a few more interesting conversations:

Jordan Peterson discussing creativity. Listening about the psychological aspects of creative people by Jordan is truly a pleasure.

Simon Sinek talking to creatives. 

This video essay reminded me to pick up Jean Baudrillard. 

From my playlist in May

When it comes to ‘being creative’, in my case, it’s truly (at least partially) a biological trait. Almost everything inspires me and then starts to demonstrate in ideas, vivid dreams, some kind of ‘visions’ particularly for a 3D kind of product. I have synesthesia – especially in relation to space + colour. Music is something that can uplift me to a whole new state of mind. I have this thing when I discover a song I really love I play it on repeat for a week straight until I’m sick of it saturated. I’ve never understood and couldn’t read notes though. Music composition is something my brain can’t figure out, yet has a powerful impact on my psychological and creative state.

On the other hand, I believe ‘being creative’ can be trained. As with any new skill, the execution is the key. Being creative doesn’t need to be tied with a watercolor or guitar. Be creative in your own context – come up with a new recipe, take a photo, think of a new workout routine… I believe creativity is and will be the most important skill in the future. It’s something that makes us, human, special.

Palette 🌈

Even though I don’t cultivate my love for painting as often as I’d like to – well, life, work happens – I always ask myself – How can I make this different/better/more aesthetically pleasing?

I’m living and working within the ‘online context’, where NOTHING IS EVER FINISHED. You can never finish a digital product, you can never finish a website, a marketing process, a growth strategy. It’s a type of work and a process that gets iterated and changed every day.

Acrylic colours

Having something in my life that just can get ‘finished’, is material – can be touched, can be transported… is a gratifying experience. 

Also, I’ve been playing around with a digital illustration in Procreate.  I have yet to find out how I feel about the aspect of ‘tangibility’ in this case… 🙈