Hello and welcome!

My name is Livia. I’m based in London where I do product marketing, growth and bizdev within the tech industry – mostly for SaaS bsuinesses.

I finished my MA Marketing studies in 2016 and before that, I devoted 5 years working in marketing and communication while studying business and psychology.

After 5 years in political marketing, in 2015, I moved to Brussels in order to experience international public relations and EU politics, taking traineeships in European Parliament and consultancy environment.

From the very beginning of my professional career, I was incorporating technology, new forms of media and social media into stagnant daily lives of public institutions and politicians themselves. Witnessing the quick pace of tech evolution with its massive distribution and implementing the solutions immediately into processes, I moved on to the dynamic side – helping to grow tech products, services, and businesses.

During my early years, I devoted all of my free time to dancing and challenging my creativity when producing fine arts and writing a blog. 

The Livin’ is my creative corner on the internet. I’m sharing things and topics that got my attention, concepts I recently dived into and notes from places I’ve visited.