Ever since the dial-up internet was available and more affordable back over 15 years ago, my curiosity went off the limits. I was reading anything that was available, especially materials I needed for biology/geography school projects. Any kind of encyclopedia was my guilty pleasure.

I spent my free time (apart from school duties) dancing in the folklore ensemble, in the art school or doing artsy stuff at home. Few hours of internet a day was just a little extra addition to the mix. Few years into it, when I was finishing primary school and was about 13-14 years old, I discovered (probably the first ever) blogger platform powered by Google. Seeing other people sharing content, I immediately fell in love with the idea of showcasing my little art corner on the internet. I created my very first website, livusha.blogspot.com.


After a while, I found myself randomly writing about things that sparked my interest – little observations, stories from the trips I made and daily encounters I found quite cute. Spending my Friday nights home after training, relaxing on the couch with a drink, writing and editing photos for the blog became the most favorite activity of the week.

I kept on writing for 5 years during my high school up until the start of my university studies.

The blog has been able to connect me with interesting people who significantly affected the course of my life and provided opportunities I was able to tap into.

Only after a few years, I realized how much I learned in the beginnings. How important is the consistency, right keywords, I learned the basics of HTML. Getting RSS subscribers and getting my PageRank high became a priority. Also, a funny little thing called Adsense managed to earn some tiny compensation in the form of irregular payments.

Times before the social media. Ancient history.

Since then, blogging and content creation evolved into full-time professions. Social media rule the world!

However, I stopped around 2010  and since then, I tried to get on track 2 times – unfortunately without success. I failed for the first time in 2012 following the second time in 2014. The work, universities and establishing myself were more of a priority at the time. I supported myself throughout my whole studies and was involved in a number of projects at the same time. It led to a shortage of energy and fewer ideas for original content. I guess you can’t have everything.

Furthermore, I no longer felt inspired in the city I was living in – it was quite the opposite. Few sessions of introspection, I came to a conclusion the environment itself has the biggest impact not only on my productivity and creativity but on the overall state of mind. Moreover, my mindset and I changed. I got interested in different topics and many times, even if I got an idea, the more thought I put in it, the less interesting it happened to appeal.

I hope this tiny corner of the internet will become a place where I document fragments of reality through my eyes.