Communication strategy not only delivers the right message to your clients and customers- it has reciprocal effect of reminding you the direction and vision of the business on a daily basis. Communicating value of your product or services is challenging and needs to be done right.

Starting with a diagnosis of the current state of business, desired outcomes, industry trends, and competitors, identifying the target audience, its location across the comms channels and addressing cultural challenges, the strategy is being drafted accentuating psychological approach.

I make sure your omnichannel marketing gets seamless comms experience that fits the big picture.


Setting up your social media outlet. Each platform serves a different purpose, requires different approach and tone of the communication. I come up with the creative ways and formats suited for each of the media. Creating a structure of the content tied up individually for each of your channels is the backbone of consistent and performing strategy. With context over content in mind, the efficient and sensible interaction with the audience transfers into business results.


Results from the executed communication tactics along with the voice of the audience are bringing valuable insights on the go. Product feedback, hidden business opportunities, adjustments to the sale process or demographic data insights are just a few of the potential effects that can level your business game up. I help you translate these indicators into future business tactics.


Up for a creative collaboration? I create custom illustrations (watercolor, drawings, mixed media) that enhance your brand in a refreshing and original way. Printed marketing materials, website content, campaigns or spiced up social media presence - to name a few use cases.

Expect a personalized, ready-to-use artworks to fit your business and creative needs.

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