Never have I thought I’d be writing about towels. Beach towels, actually. I take this as one of the unintended consequences of the Instagram age we live in. Even the basic routines have suddenly fallen under a curse spell of being aesthetically pleasing, ready to be snapped for the sake of our digital outlets.

For a creative as I am, it’s not necessarily a bad thing – I love being surrounded by beautiful objects and environment. It fosters my creativity and inspiration.

June 2017 in Portugal – my beach essentials 🙂


Although I’m not expecting you to be head over heels for the towel, just because it’s a towel – doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice one too!

I fell into a vicious Instagram/Pinterest cycle and found a few pieces and brands that might catch your eye as well!

Last time I bought a proper beach towel was back in 2009 while travelling through the south of France coastline. I bought a lovely, sturdy sunny cloth from a guy on the beach. Cost me 10 Euros.

I fell into a vicious Instagram/Pinterest cycle and found a few pieces and brands that might catch your eye as well! Which one will you go for? (I haven’t decided yet!)


My favourite designer of the moment, Jacquemus has produced his first summer men’s collection this year. To honour his roots – Marseille, the collection is just a perfect picture of beach boys in the south of France. Quite the opposite of a ‘norm’ we see in the fashion shows – thin, androgynous types of boys. See it for yourself!
Anyway, a bunch of exclusives such as book, T-Shirt or beach towel (which is unfortunately not available anymore) were released.


Picture from



This is purely a brand game, and I can’t help myself – I love it anyway! 🙂


Instagram perfection. I imagine myself with my daughter in 15 years, and instead of reading a storybook, I’ll tell her: ‘This is what Instagram and design looked like in 2018’.


picture: www.toteme-studio.compi


And the best thing is that these towels can be used from both sides. No awkward single-face.

Throw the cloth over any object, and you get 100% guaranteed high-end summer shot in an instant.

Emilio Pucci

Heading to Monaco? Grab this Emilio Pucci piece. While it indeed looks like a painting, the typical pattern will speak for itself and attract the ones educated in good design.



Coming from my beloved Portugal, this laid-back brand is a perfect companion if you’re feeling some severe boho-ocean-vibes. Double-faced towels can alter as a cosy throw-over in case that ocean breeze hits really strong.

As I’ll spend some time in Portugal this year, I’m seriously considering this pattern:


Simple and chic! (and expensive) If you love Mediterranean lifestyle, this brand nails it. No further discussion needed. Think Saint-Tropez TV series. 😍



Rip Curl

In case you’re sporty, surfing gal (or not) – I love this Rip Curl men towel. Nice and sleek. 100% cotton

Which one will you go for? 🙂