There’s no better way than starting an article and contemplate about the English weather. :)) I thought I somehow got adjusted to absolute sunless days. Not true.

The reality hit me hard in February and since then, I just can not bear the fact there’s another place in the world, where the sun is constantly shining. – and I’m not there. Why even stay in such a place? Voluntarily getting mentally and physically affected?

Well, there are quite a few reasons. View from Sky Garden is just one of them. Look at those skylines!

Without a doubt, London is constantly challenging my time management skills. Being systematic and organized is still just an attempt – a process.

The city questions everything in terms of traveling, meetings, events and energy – in a relation towards priority. It’s been accelerating my decision making-process – which is great.

To make things even more complicated, you have to register in the run-up if you want to visit Sky Garden. It happened that after few months of occasional hunting I was actually able to book the visit.
And it was the shiniest afternoon EVER.
Turns out, the more I complain, the more sunshine the city gets! It’s been 3 days now the sun keeps shining like crazy. The city has a totally different, empowering energy.
Photos by me & tumblr. Illustrations by me.