… or crisis?

God bless those, who are at the early age nearly 100% sure about their life goals/missons/breadwinning endeavours! … and are still stuck with them.

For the rest of us, it’s sometimes about experimenting, conscious trial-errors or pre-mastered ability to ask the right questions. But this should be a natural part of personal evolution – which, I guess, should never stop.

Add the social-media phenomenon, your digital-self and voilà, you’re overwhelmed, faced with an amount of possible ,,guaranteed“ success-kind-of-career tips, profiles and personalities. At least subtle, unconscious influence is inevitable.

This huge flow of the unfiltered content has also another power – it can inspire us in a great way.

I’m currently getting back to my creative roots – in every aspect of life, seeking and taking paths that were untaken.

Do you have your personal ,,striving“ strategy in this age of information overflow? I would love to hear your tips and insights!

From time to time, to make some fun of life, I started to post on my twitter the #gettingolder series– my little outlooks on things I find – let’s call it ,,a bit disturbing” from what once was a normal circumstance.

Have fun!