If you haven’t heard of Periscope yet, well, you should definitely give it a try.

This app can literally bring you to the another parts of the world. I have never been as much excited of any other apps released constantly. It’s getting regular I realize I feel the privilege to live in this era, when the technology expands so rapidly. (…and-to be true- finding it really hard to strive at the same time.)

There’s a certain reason I like Periscope so much. This tool is a thing of what I’ve been unconsciously dreaming of for years since my childhood.

I remember spending my early years reading encyclopedias – I’ve never been a real fan of novels or fiction. I especially enjoyed those about the Earth, nature, space, geography – to get to know, how was the Earth created, how things work -and- most importantly- why. Settled in Central Europe and not having the opportunities to travel, I wanted to get familiar with new places and see, how does the world look like in Argentina, Mesopotamia or Russian tundra.

The internet made it easier when it comes to certain images and easy-accessible documentaries or videos on youtube. Problem with documentaries is that they’re all edited and therefore include peril of not seeing the reality of a place. (Praise the travel-bloggers.)  It’s good to see the lovely 2D images, but when you physically come to the same place, it has a certain esprit, mostly totally different from the original impression.

Google’s Street View is a perfect tool when it comes to orientation or when I need to realize the proportions of a certain areas.  For me, it’s just another interface of the traditional map.

From time to time, up until now, I’ve been searching for a certain- let’s call it -realities. To be exact, most recently I’ve been curious about what does it look like in Greenland. I wasn’t really interested in nature and stuff, but just in everyday life in Nuuk – how do the people, houses, shops and living environment get together.

I can continue with Middle East, Tierra del Fuego or Tasmania…

The thing with Periscope is, that it enables you – and the users all over the world to share their moments of living and interact with you at the same time.

At the first sight, it’s not a big deal to live-stream ( youtube- and another/custom live-streams do the same).

Curious about where can it goes, the simple fact that there’s always something going on within our lives and environment with having this kind of tool will shake up the media.

The fact that one can broadcast give’s you not only feeling of exploring the authentic place, but having the real interactive guide at the same time.

Acquired by Twitter, the next question is – what kind of content will Periscope users create and what industries are gonna be affected.

Sure the downsides have already emerged. Is Periscope disrupting the social media? For sure, new possibilities are being unlocked and I can’t wait for the new formats it’ll create.

I already took the opportunity and streamed my creative process. 🙂