This website is the third visual and technical iteration of my blog since launching at blogspot in 2006. With each one, I was ultimately determined to break the silence and start posting consistently. I decided not to do any changes on this one (you know, the design is evolving…) until I’m seriously committed, posting 1 article/week on average, at least for 6 months.

The struggle with the publishing has become so ridiculous in the last 2 years, I decided to share my attempts and hacks that might don’t work out for me. Surely I’m not alone in this endeavor?

It’s been a real challenge to sit down and post at least 500 words. I’ve put together a few articles but got several reasons why not to publish them. If you’re striving too, you might get familiar. There are a couple of reasons why I wasn’t successful:

  • over time, untouched in a folder, the article wasn’t interesting enough for me to publish
  • the longer it was in the folder – the higher standards I had – everything seems imperfect
  • overall, I didn’t find my content exciting enough (think consumption of online content overflow)
  • I couldn’t sit down after being on a computer for the whole day

The process:

When the idea came to my mind, I tried to note it down on my iPhone with a plan to continue when I’m back at my computer. I couldn’t bring back the spark, momentum, and excitement about the topic.

I tried to write the whole piece while commuting on my phone… it’s impossible to come back to it and add photos etc..  The next time I recorded my thoughts on the phone. Never got back to them.

I couldn’t understand why for the sake of god I can’t just sit down and publish.

The funny part is that I was once already there! I was publishing 1-2 blog posts/week in the past. What was different back then?

As it turned out, everything.

  1. It was a pre-social media age. ‘ICQ age’ if you could remember.
  2. I had a sony walkman phone.
  3. I went to school.
  4. I haven’t spent my days working at a computer.
  5. I didn’t have Instagram/FB/any information I needed in the palm of my hand or an app that kept my mind busy.
  6. My lifestyle completely changed.
  7. At a time, I developed a writing habit.
  8. I generally spent more time offline either ‘learning’ in school or being creative.
  9. This was a decade ago.
  10. WTF
  11. Turns out not being on my computer is a luxury.
  12. 2018
  13. WTF
  14. WTF
  15. What day and age am I living in?

What on Earth am I going to do?

Apart from the regular fear of missing out – we’re now living a double life with – in-fact – double identities. You need to maintain physical one to stay sane and the online one to build a competitive leverage in a commercial world.

Are you struggling with keeping up your online outlets too?

Moreover, it’s so easy to post a picture or write a tweet. See the thing is, having a consistent communication and content strategy in place is a regular job. 💼 Yay.

My online outlet has been quiet for so long!

Follow this path with me as I strive to:

  1. Be more creative online.
  2. Stay sane while having a job in tech aka being dependent on a computer.
  3. Be more creative offline as well.
  4. Decrease the screen time.
  5. Starting working on my new project.

I’ll be sharing tips on productivity, good stuff I read or learned, tips for traveling … everything that’s making my life easier or enjoyable!


P.S. I managed to put this together during a regular working day #lunchtime.