Whether you belong to the group of people, who are coming to Brussels for work or you’re planning a trip to this kingdom of beers and waffles, don’t forget to take into account few realities. Those might be the useful ones for those, who are visiting for the first time. Probably the most discussed issue is weather.

Prepare to pack the clothes about a degree from the actual date. Climate has changed over time and days in Belgium could be pretty hot. However, the most significant aspect of the weather here for me is it’s rapid change and instability. It can be 12 degrees, windy and rainy in the summer one day and you wake up to the clear, shiny skies next morning (with a proper headache of course). This can happen multiple times during the day, even within few hours.

I’m giving you few tips from my personal observation, which appear to be practical in the meantime.

1. Comfortable shoes

Because of it’s uneven relief, you can easily find yourself ,,hiking” the old streets of Brussels. The city’s landscape differs from the neighborhood to another, so be prepared and choose the proper footwear. Going for a business meeting in your brand new business attire?  You better pack those shiny stilettos to your bag. One aspect is, that’s a nightmare to walk on stone pavement (up the hill). On the other hand, the damage you’ve done to your beloved pumps will make you sad.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-08-30 o 21.40.17

2. Cover-ups and scarf

From a fashion point of view, the onion strategy of dressing has it’s point here. It can happen that you won’t put off your jacket most of the time during the day (Damn! I just wore the new dress and he didn’t captured!). During the winter, though the heating, there can be really cold even in the inside.  In that case, if you don’t want to be seen in the same outfit every day (doesn’t matter that you’re perfectly combined and accesorized head to toe). Better opt for a different cover-ups and accessories. Sacrifice few other items.

I’ve put together this inspirational board.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-08-28 o 14.57.44

3. Uber account

As from September, Uber will be officially legal in Belgium. Local taxis are pretty expensive. You don’t need to end up robbed by regular taxis from the the airport or train station. Set up your Uber account – this will help especially when you don’t want to miss that after-conference network drinks in the evening.




+ your business cards

Brussels has an extremely – networking – opened atmosphere. It can happen, our usual estimated amount of cards won’t be enough. Pack a bunch of some more than usual.